Ep.4: Rebekka Mikkola on Cuddling for Optimal Health, Sexual Taboos, & Startup Advice

Are we evolving towards a touch-deprived society? Rebekka Mikkola is a cuddle therapist who aims to apply the science-backed benefits of human touch to supercharge our wellbeing and open our hearts. She is the CEO, co-founder, and visionary behind London’s fastest-growing cuddle therapy companies, Nordic Cuddle, whose work has been featured by top media outlets such as The Guardian, GQ Magazine, BBC Radio, and Business Insider. By showing us a glimpse of the hardships and success that it takes to start a business, in this episode, Rebekka unveils her ability to seek the unconventional and break taboos in our culture. Through her depth of knowledge in the science of touch, she’s captivated audiences at powerhouse events such as Tedx, The Health Optimization Summits, and she’s even been called to speak at the headquarters of tech giants such as Samsung and Snapchat.

In this episode, we dive deeper into the sexual misconceptions of human touch, body language as a sign of power, the problems with one night stands, and how to align our focus on an entrepreneurial journey. We also learn about many practical applications of cuddling and the importance of cultivating a healthy social environment to optimize our performance.


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