Ep. 1: Cristina Lopez on Finding Your Spiritual Edge, Creating Rituals, and the Ego

Cristina Lopez is a neuro-linguistic programming expert, early stage tech investor, and movement and spiritual mentor that currently strives to help improve performance in business and individual’s overall wellbeing. Her intriguing background sparked a conversation ranging from day-to-day psychological enigmas like the ego, common conscious thought patterns, as well as speaking about the relevance of the new spiritual atmospheres and practices in the business world.

At such a young age, she is a founding member of OYA.partners, striving to become one of London’s most ambitious venture funds. Her duties include supporting clients from the UK, United States, Spain and the rest of Europe, to unlock their full potential in order to become leaders in their work and personal life. Her unique incorporation of martial arts, meditation & transcendental breathing into her coaching sessions makes her one of the rising influential coaches of Western Europe.

In this episode, we dive deep into concepts such as the importance of creating rituals in a high stress environment, using mantras to release the critical inner voice, expressing yourself through movement, and the tech infrastructure of the future. We even asked her to explain what is the role of the mysterious subconscious mind.

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